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Planting lawn

  • Preparations

    The weather conditions in May and September are the best for re-planting lawn in the garden. The ground cover must be at least 15 cm thick. In order to allow the newly planted grass to grow stronger, dig up the ground in 1-2 spades depth and remove the stones, root residuum, weed etc. Digging provides a good opportunity to loosen the hard, clayey soil with 2m3 river sand/quartz sand per 100 square meters. It is advisable to stir 8-10l bark humus into the loose, sandy structured soil. It is also advisable to carry 10 l lawn soil per square meters onto any kind of soil. If you still have some time, let the soil rest for two weeks after its loosening.
  • Alignment of the ground, checking its limestone content

    After the completion of the aforementioned works, the ground must be aligned, and the garden roller is the most suitable tool for this purpose. For smaller areas the stepper board is also enough. After the alignment of the ground, please check its limestone content. Under the pH value of 5.5 the soil quality must be improved with garden lime (approx. 5 kg per square meters).
  • Working the lawn bricks in

    One week before planting the grass seed it is advisable to work lawn bricks (30-40 grams per square meters) into the ground.
  • Planting the grass seed

    Plant the grass seed on a more or less windless day (25-50 grams per square meters). With a grass seed spreader it is very easy. Mix the grass seed with an equal quantity of sand or good quality, weedless garden soil for the even planting. Then, divide the propagation substrate, and plant it once across, and once lengthways. Concentrate the grass seed carefully into the ground with a rake or a garden roller or a stepper board in order not to be blown away by the wind.
  • Sprinkling the ground

    Sprinkle thoroughly the ground with a gentle rain lawn sprinkler. Watch out not to form brooklets or puddles. The first blades of grass are going to sprout after the lapse of 7 to 14 days. In the case of drought you should sprinkle the lawn regularly, in the morning and evening hours.
  • The first lawn mowing

    The first lawn mowing becomes due, if the grass is 6 to 8 cm tall. Then you should trim it back to 3 to 4 cm. Do not let the ornamental lawn and the sod grow taller than 4 to 6 cm. Trim them back to 2 to 3 cm. If it is possible, mow the lawn on a weekly basis. The heavy-duty, leisure and sports lawn can stay 3 to 4 cm tall. Do not trim the grass shorter than 5 cm in the shadier parts of the garden.
  • Fertilize and aerate the lawn regularly

    If you will not use the cut grass as soil conditioner, it is advisable to regularly fertilize the lawn with a special lawn fertilizer. Lay the fertilizer out with a fertilizer spreader across and lengthways as well. In the case of long term drought sprinkle the lawn thoroughly. Do not ever spread the fertilizer on the freshly mowed lawn. The grass needs an appropriate quantity of water and air in addition the nutrients, that is why you should remove the felt cover that was formed out of moss and dead plants.
  • Mowing and aeration of the lawn, adding sand and propagation substrate

    In the case of dry soil, first you should mow the lawn short, then once across, and once lengthways aerate it in 1 to 2 cm depth, and turn the lawn over. We recommend you to use electric lawn aerator in case of bigger areas. Its advantage is that it processes the surface in a uniform depth. The bald grass will grow out fast again. Adding fine grained sand or a bit of grass seed to the ground can enable the regeneration process. You should by all means take the producer’s instructions as well as the processing information of the used material into consideration.
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